Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Indian Army General

Just adding some pics of the commanding general of my Early Indian army, and his "Maiden Guard" bodyguard - yep, an elite band of fighting women!

Indian women seem to have played a more proactive role in "defending their homelands" than most of their western counterparts in this era, and Hat included a female guardsperson in their models, so I had to include their unit!

My Indian army is taking shape - not so slowly at the moment. I just hope I can keep this pace up throughout the month and get the whole army finished!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early Indian Army

I really didn't intend to spend this month working on my Early Indian army, but that's the way it is turning out.

I bought all the figures four years ago of course, and painted the elephants and the horsemen, but was having problems with the paint taking ages - and I do mean ages, in that it was still sticky several months after being applied - to dry on the figures, for which I blamed the "new" plastic that was used for the figures, so didn't press on with the rest.

For the most part, time seems to have cured the problem - the figures now only take a couple of days to dry! So I've been pushing ahead with the rest of it. Still lots to do before the full army is assembled, but these shots show off most of the basic units.

I'll post the full army (famous last words!) later in the month.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Collector's Show and Other Bits

My Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army attracted some interest at this year's collector's show, especially from a local family of Polish lineage. Thanks to my co-worker from the News-Banner, Barb Barbieri, taking the photo I was able to be included in the shot.

While I haven't posted much over the past couple of weeks, I have been busy.

I have now finished (?) my regiment of Russian Dragoons from Peter "The Great's" army - just need to take some pics now to post here!

I'm also finally (after four!!! years) getting around to painting the infantry for my early Indian army. I've had the elephants and a couple of horse units waiting all this time for the rest of the army, and they were getting a little restless. I also now have a Commanding General riding in his chariot, to lead it, and am planning their first battle - against my Achaemenid Persians, for the new year.

Once again, I just need to get busy with my camera!

Photos hopefully will follow shortly!