Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finally - Hittite Heavy Infantry Ready For Action

I can't believe it has taken me almost six months to get these guys ready for action.

I've got 48 figures, which will form two phalanxes of the heavy infantry that lumbers forward and cleans up after the chariots have smashed their way through the enemy ranks.

Still got guards to do, and some more mercenaries, but my Hittite army is now strong enough to fight. They are still greatly outnumbered by my New Kingdom Egyptians, but I think they could put up a decent contest.

The Egyptians used light chariots that were just fine for fast movement, and getting their archers close enough to shoot at an enemy, but not so great for combat. The Hittite chariots were heavier, and better for up-close-and-personal. So this would be a contest of different styles, with the Egyptian chariots buzzing around trying to soften up the Hittie infantry with archery fire, while the Hittite chariots are trying to smash their way through. Both armies would then send in their infantry to finish off the job.

Several upcoming projects planned, including Late Romans, Incas and Mayans! Plus, more villages and communities.