Sunday, January 1, 2017

Starting the New Year off right - Hittites Vs Indians

This is the third time I have attempted to match these two up against each other and the first time it has come off. Work, or something, has always seemed to interfered in the past and forced a cancellation.

The battle was contested on basically a flat plain, beside a river, with a small town on the opposite side of the river. Hittite forces were supported by Amazons (Anatolian "tribal" allies) and a squadron of Mitanni chariots.

Although they had planned to fight a defensive action, the Indians found themselves deployed and ready for battle first, and moved to secure access to the bridge that provided access across the river to the town. (Indians on the left in the picture above).

Although their advance began on the bridge side of the battlefield, the first conflict of the battle took place on the opposite flank, where Indian cavalry found themselves up against some of the Hittite chariots. A quick but bloody encounter followed, with both sides driven back.

Down the center, the advancing Indian elephants were causing problems, as the Hittites realized their chariot horses were not going to stand against the beats, and tried to get them out of the way. (See photo above). All but one chariot succeeded in evading the elephants - he put up a brave showing before going down, just as the Amazon allies of the Hittites arrived to try and save him.

Unfortunately for the Indians, while they were enjoying success in the center, their right flank was being destroyed by the light chariots of the Mitanni. (Photo above shows the scene from behind Hittite lines, with the Mitanni chariots in the top left of the picture).

The elephants then moved on, driving the Amazons before them (see photo above), and pursuing them off the field.

This left a bind for the Indians as their remaining forces - low grade infantry, now faced the full might of the Hittites main forces; chariots and well-drilled infantry. The Indian commander thought it was an opportune moment to call off hostilities, and pulled the remnants of his army from the field.

The Hittites finished the day in possession of the field, but it was a real Pyrrhic victory due to their heavy losses. Indeed, in totaling up Victory Points, it was found that a 10-10 draw had resulted.

The Hittites too face political problems as a result of the battle, with the Amazons upset that they were left to fight the elephants pretty much on their own. It appears unlikely that they will turn out to help the Hittites next time out, and in fact, may even turn against them!!!

Watch this space.....