Sunday, June 8, 2014

Prussians Vs Russians - Battle #3

It took three battles but my Prussians finally triumphed over my Russians. (My guess before it started was that this would end up the other way around, but it was not to be!)

The Prussians (and allies) on the left of the picture. Prussian cuirassiers are in white and hussars in blue. Russian cuirassiers in white with a black iron breastplate for protection. Russian hussars and Guard Cossacks are both in red, but the hussars have a blue jacket. The infantry (foot soldiers) clash is between Poles in blue and Russians in green.

(The Poles are Napoleonics and historically fought with the French. Given the performance of my French against my Austrians last weekend though, they've probably done the right thing in siding with the Prussians in the campaign I'm currently running!)


Austrians Vs French

I didn't get any good shots of my French from last weekend's battle, but these are a few of one of my Austrian infantry regiments.

Hopefully over the next few weeks) I will be adding gun limbers and ammunition wagons for each of my Austrian battalions, so the next time you see these guys in action the photo will be a little more crowded.

For the record, the Austrians scored a very decisive win. My (French - not American) Revolutionary War French army used to be almost unbeatable, but they've taken two nasty hammerings now. They held up okay when challenged by Austrian infantry and cavalry, but the minute Austrian guns started firing in their direction, even if they weren't doing any damage, the French got very jittery.

Anyway, enjoy these pics. This weekend my Prussians crushed the final Russian resistance, and I have a couple of neat pics from that to post also. Not sure when they will go up though.