Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lizard-folk Ready For Action

I'm not sure if I'm happier that the figures are ready or that the terrain pieces look really great for a "jungle-type" background. Anyway.....

In the fantasy genre, Lizard-folk are commonly regarded as one of the draconic races, of which the mighty dragons themselves are the most prominent. So these folk will be part of a larger "Draconic Races" army for larger battles, although they might also feature independently in smaller actions. They tend to stick to small raids on human communities (in search of food) before disappearing again into their watery or jungle hideouts, so they would mainly be useful for ambush or hit-and-run style battle scenarios.

(Above) My Lizard-folk chieftain and his bodyguard emerge from the jungle to survey the troops. Yes, that's a friendly crocodile watching proceedings in anticipation of lunch being served just as soon as the fighting starts!

(Above) The tribes Archers emerge from the jungle scouting ahead of the main force; again those hungry crocodiles are lurking about.

(Above) The tribe's main warband is ready for action.

(Above) The tribe's young "whelps", armed with blow darts, help with scouting duties until they are old enough to join the main warband.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Unexpected addition......

Three of my Amazons got a bit of a surprise while they were walking through the woods this afternoon - attacked by a group of Lizard Men!

I hadn't planned to build an army of those, but when they appeared, I figured "why not?"

The "forest vegetation" is actually bits and pieces from the aquarium section at Walmart. Mixed in with my trees and river sections, I think I can get some nice woodland/jungle shots now.

Maybe a larger battle between the two groups to follow......