Saturday, July 10, 2010

Celtic Village Ready For Action

I'm not going to say it's complete as there are a bunch of things I still want to do. Also, it won't be a permanent set up as the village may change according to the battle scenario.

But I do have a Celtic village ready for action now. (By the way, the big "yellowish things" off to the side are haystacks for the animals to feed on. They probably should be a bit further away from the village, but I wanted them in the photo as they are part of the project.)

Over the next few weeks I'll be back onto my early Russians, preparing a project to present to Mr. Kracium's history class at Bluffton High School early in the new school year.

Also coming up, in mid-August, is the Wells County Historical Society's Collectors' Show. I still have no idea what I will be presenting at that. My Japanese village definitely will not be ready in time, so I need to find a "Plan B" from somewhere. Lots of options - just can't decide which one to use at the moment!

Monday, July 5, 2010

No, I'm not missing in action!

I can't believe I haven't posted since March!

I have been busy, but just not (it seems) with this blog site.

Every time I think I've got these Zaporozhians and also the 15th-16th-17th Century Muscovites sorted out, they throw up a new challenge at me.

With the Muscovites, I'm almost finshed the third of four units of Streltsi that will complete the army. These guys have been real hard work, but look great and will make for a pretty spectacular looking army when it is all fullly displayed!

(I have actually started a Muscovite campaign - hopefully by the time I've finished painting the army, I'll be ready to start posting a serialised story - with pics of my soldiers supporting it - for this site.)

With the Zaporozhians, I'm still waiting on some infantry figures to arrive, (they're on order) so I can finish them off. They'll make a nice little army - I don't think they will seriously challenge my Swedes or Muscovites, but they will make them work for a win. The Zaporozhian figures I'm waiting on include dancing cossacks and some females for a camp scene, which should give them something to fight for :-)

The will also feature in the Muscovite campaign.

I've also bulked up my Japanese Civil War forces, although they also aren't quite ready for photography yet. I have the buildings sorted for a nice little village for them to defend - I just have to save up the money to buy them! I have a campaign ready to go for them, but will not be starting it until I get my village built.

Oh, and I have finished my Celtic village - well, one more haystack to arrive, but that will be outside the walls. I also have a campaign ready to go for them, which I will start after the Muscovite campaign is under control.

No, it doesn't help that I'm spreading myself over so many different projects.

On top of all that, we have the Wells County Historical Society's Collectors show on Monday Aug. 16. What I display there will probably depend on which of the above projects I can get finished in time!