Wednesday, September 28, 2016

(Japanese) nobushi Archers

I painted these guys a little earlier in the year but have only now got around to photographing them.

nobushi atrchers fought in the various armies that contested the Sengoku Jidai period civil wars in Japan, between 1467-1650. They came from all social backgrounds, but were grouped into units based on skill alone - social class was not a factor.

The vegetation in the background is actually scenery I picked up in the aquarium department at Walmart. I figured it might fit with the trees etc I currently have to help make a nice forest or jungle display. I'm looking forward to actually setting up a battlefield to see if this works as well as I think it might.

Hopefully they will get their first tryout in either November or December. I still have a few more of these guys to do (for a different faction), and a bunch of ashigaru (peasant class soldiers) and hopefully my Japanese collection will be complete.