Friday, October 23, 2009

Celtic House

A Celtic couple (far right) welcome the visit of a visiting noblewoman, her armed escort and an accompanying druid to their round house.

I've discovered buildings by a company named Hovels, available through Michigan Toy Soldier, that can provide domestic settings for several of my armies. Once I've finished a small Celtic village (over the winter months) I hope to start on a Japanese village (for my Japanese Civil War figures to fight over) and they also have a middle eastern range that could be suitable for either my New Kingdom Egyptians or possibly even Arabs.

My early Russian village is also progressing well too.

Still plenty of unpainted soldiers waiting to be done too of course! Don't think I will ever catch up.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I HAVE been busy - honest!

Despite the lack of posts recently, I have been busy. (Computer problems have been part of the problem).

I've got several projects "half finished". Especially my second (Republican era) Roman army, a couple of Russian armies (different periods) and the Ottoman Turks.

Hopefully I'll get some of them finally done before too much longer and can put some new pics up!