Sunday, June 11, 2017

Japanese mini-campaign kind of fizzed.......

Well, that idea didn't work out so well.

A combination of the Loyalist forces taking too log to arrive (enabling the rebels to "dig in" just a little too powerfully) and more overtime hours required at work than I bargained for saw the campaign/battle fizz out and die. On the plus side, I did finish painting SOME of the samurai artillery figures I have (Rebel Artillery pictured above) - they made it onto the field but didn't get to see any action.

Still persisting with the basic idea though. For June I'm trying a Horse and Musket period campaign battle, on a bigger table than usual.

That moment when your armies find a 6'x4' table isn't big enough for them, and you decided to try 12'x4'. (If I make it wider than 4', I have trouble reaching troops in the middle of it).

My Revolutionary French and Seven Years' War Prussians were my two most successful Horse and Musket era armies last year, so they will face off, with the others helping out as "allies" of the main protagonists. Who sides with who will be decided by dice throw, so historical alliances count for nothing, and we may very well see one-side with many more forces than the other.

With the field itself, I can actually see three possible separate "mini-battles" breaking out on this field. One in the area above the river at the top of the picture, one in the area below the town (in the bottom third of the table), and also in the open area in the middle. Who can win in each sector, and how quickly (allowing them to re-enforce their friends next door) should be key.

With the weekend of June 16-18 being the 201th anniversary of the Waterloo campaign, I'm planning to do a bunch of the fighting then. Just hoping work doesn't spoil that plan once again!