Sunday, March 30, 2014


Well, a slow start to the month meant I only got some Scythian Horse Archers done, with no supporting Heavy Horse to accompany them.

I was planning to work on my Japanese Civil War armies during April and I can't see them voluntarily standing aside to let me continue with the Scythians, so they may have to continue as part of my Persian army for now.

Some horse archers attached as the pic!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Carthaginian elephants

Maybe this side view gives a better look at the elephants in action....

Carthage and its allies (Part 3)

Oops...mustn't forget the Numidian (African natives) or the elephants (seen here in action against some Roman light infantry who also fought for Carthage.

Carthage and its allies (Part 2)

......and this time we have some of the Spanish mercenaries that fought for and against Carthage.

The Carthaginians also used mercenaries from Gaul (see previous pics of my Celts) and the various Italian cities that weren't totally happy under Roman rule - no pics of them at present.

For March, I'm working on some early Scythians, which is quite appropriate given the current news headlines, as the Scythians were the first people in recorded history who lived in the Southern Russia/Ukraine area that would include the Crimea. They are mostly horsemen, so there wasn't a lot of variety in the army, but hopefully I'll have some pics for next month.

Carthage and its allies (Part 1)

Had a busy February work-wise so didn't get much time to work on my soldiers, but in recognition of African History month, I did some tidying up on my New Kingdom Egyptian and Carthaginian armies.

I've posted pics of the Egyptians before, so will focus on the Carthaginians (from Hannibal's war with Rome) this time. First up it's the Poeni and Libyan troops that formed the core of the Carthaginian army. From top to bottom we have the General and his bodyguard, a unit of cavalry, heavy infantry and Libyan tribesmen.