Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ugh - So Slow!

Gradually making progress with my painting, but it's going very slowly.

Currently, 9,880 done, with 45 Russians (streltsi - the first of three such units I want for my 1600s Russian army) just needing finishing touches. I was hoping to do that today, but with such a gloomy day, there wasn't enough light, even right up at the window, to see what I was doing.

If we can get a few more days like Saturday, I might be able to finish my Russian army. If the days are gloomy like today though, I'll probably concentrate on my remaining Celts, and other barbarian nations. (Not so much fine detail required with them!)

Either way, I think I can make 10,000 in time for 2010!

Whether I start the New Year with a Celtic-themed campaign or a 1600s era Russia Vs Sweden will depend on what I finish the year painting.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Some Progress Over The Weekend!

My Celtic village is growing with the addition of two food storage sheds, one of which is slightly raised off the ground, although it doesn't show so much in the picture because the legs of the horses are in the way. The scene depicts two Celtic warriors leaving home for war and being waved goodbye by the lady of the house (who is standing in the doorway of the house if you're having trouble finding her).

Also, my Russian army of the 1600s now has a Sons of Boyars unit. These were formed by Ivan III (1462-1505), and as far as I can tell served as part of the army until Peter "The Great" reorganized the Russian army more along European lines during the Great Northern War (against Sweden) around 1705-ish.

It's a mad rush to get my Russians finished before the end of the year so I can start 2010 with a Sweden Vs Russia campaign from the early 1600s - "The Time of Troubles" which led to the Romanov family providing the Tsar (which they did until the 1917 Revolution).

Painted figure count now creeps over 9,870 - also pushing towards 10,000 before 2010! Just have to keep the momentum going!